Why Us?

What sets us apart from other Jr. football programs:

  1. All players are outfitted in the best helmet the top manufacturer Riddell makes. Speedflex Helmets
  2. All league games have UW Athletic trainers onsite, trained in medical and concussion protocols.  The next step in evolution from simply having a CRP certified person or local physical therapist onsite.
  3. All PNFOA Officials, same officials used at the High School level. Ensuring a neutral and safe enforcement of rules.
  4. First League and only league to fully adopt Positive Coaching Alliance and USA Football certifications for all coaches, head and assistant.
  5. Higher level of local competition.
  6. Manditory play rules of 15 plays with no unnatural substitution rule, so all players can play offensive and devensive positions.
  7. Modified play rules for 76ers and 89ers levels.
  8. 16 pre-season workouts free to registrants.
  9. Friends can play with friends, we want kids that go to elementary and Jr. High to play together, even if they happen to feed separate High Schools. Friends should play with friends.
  10. Our league has been around for 30+ Years.
  11. Only league to do pre and post game huddles increasing sportsmanship and safety of all games.
  12. All of our Head Coaches have decades of experience coaching you and HS football. 
  13. Lowest registration cost in the area at $300. We also offer a sibling discount for multiple players of $100 per additional sibling.
  14. We offer scholarships for families in need, no kid should miss out on playing organized sports!
  15. Scholastics based. We require our participants to maintain a minimal GPA and if a child struggles, we will take the time to teach them.
  16. Family atmosphere, we want your family and children to know we care about them!