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2018 Cheerleading

Casee Boyles

Hello Jaguar Families!     My name is Cassandra Boyles most who know me, call me Casee (pron. K-C.) I am excited to be one of your Jaguar cheer team coordinators for the 2018 Jaguar season. A little about me... I am a proud wife of 15+ years to Coach Jared Boyles. We own and operate 5 adult family homes that specialize in dementia and located in the Northgate area. I am also a proud and busy Momma of 4 beautiful kiddos (3 girls- 10, 4, 2yrs and 1 boy- 7yrs ) We are driven by our children's happiness and we will do just about anything for them, including coaching football and coordinating a cheer program. 😉 I am super excited to be allowed this opportunity. This is a great organization with wonderful kids and supportive parents. This team or rather extended family has provided an amazing experience for our family and I am proud to be a part of it in a bit larger more committed role. A little more about me...I am rooted in dance, a dancer at heart per say. I grew up being a part of many different dance teams and colorguards. I toured competetivly country wide.  I then moved on as a young adult to be an instructor with a couple of those same teams. I have also always had a love for cheering and encouraging people in all areas. I think Cheerleaders are valuable in so many ways... For the players, for the fans/crowd... Cheerleaders are a piece of the heart of the team! We can encourgage and energize when times are tough and also help celebrate when the work has been put in and we have success! I believe that "rebooting" the Jaguar Cheerleading team will be an extremely positive and super fun addition to an already phenomenal youth football program. Champions are made here...Go Jaguars!

Theresa Nguyen

My name is Theresa Nguyen and I am a mom to a boy and a girl, Donovan (8) and Camden (5), respectively. I am a Financial Accountant for Costco by early early day and an adventurer by evening.   I pride myself in making my kids smile and live their lives to the fullest! I enjoy taking them on adventures and discovering things to do outdoors. I am a fitness enthusiast who loves embracing challenges and pushing limits.   I enjoy seeing kids and adults getting active and seeing what their minds and bodies can achieve. Cheers to a great season!   Theresa Nguyen